About Us

Our mission is to share our amazing café with you, watching satisfaction with one cup and bite at a time. To create the perfect environment, where our guests walk in as strangers and leave as our friends. 

We look forward to serving you each day and we are sure you will enjoy the experience.


Our History

414-418 Kent Street stands on land which was part of a Crown grant to Thomas Spencer West, Thomas Goff, Arthur Little and Mary Roberts in 1837 to 1840.  The building was designed by Robertson & Marks and presumably constructed shortly afterwards. Edwards Dunlop owned the building until 1950 when it was transferred to B J Ball Ltd which had leased No 418 since 1927. In 1972 the property was sold to its present owners. Until recently it was the headquarters in NSW of the State Emergency Services, for whom a fitout was designed by the NSW Public Works Department in 1981. 

The building is recognised as one of the earliest buildings in the Federation Warehouse style. With its high ceilings, wood piers and sandstone frontage, it provides a relaxing setting to sit and enjoy.

Kent Street Specialty Cafe was established in 2011. Since then, it has become a well known establishment for great coffee and great food.

We decided the change the name to The Papermill 414 in 2016 to recognise the history of the building (was used as a paper store) and also to provide a better fit on what we do. Not just great coffee but also great food for eat in, take away or catering as well as the unique venue for any occasion.

Our Coffee

Our coffee brand Aroma, has won a stack of awards for their coffee. This has come from hard work and listening to you on how they can do better.

The Aroma journey starts with you, the person who starts the day with a cup of their favourite blend. Since 1965 Aroma has spent time with you, they listened to what you thought, they learned about what you like and then they packed their bags and bought a plane ticket to a far and distant land. That was the start of their journey and Aroma has been listening and jumping on planes ever since.

Aroma Coffee is a boutique roastery whose mission is to produce the best seasonal, custom blend coffee on the planet.

Aroma aims to create a better life for themselves, their customers and their farmers, whilst respecting the environment in which they work. They're not modern day evangelists but they do love their coffee. They also love travelling, building relationships and forging friendships which together results in a product of exceptional quality.

So keep telling Aroma what you think today because tomorrow they can pass that message on to their Indian, Ethiopian or even Costa Rican friends and continue to improve their unique brand of coffee.